As pioneers in this emerging avenue of research and analysis, our first study introduced a structure for defining the Black tech ecosystem, and a framework for assessing and developing Black tech communities in regions across the U.S. Our latest report examines Chicago through the Black Tech Ecosystem Framework.

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October 2017

Chicago is an emerging leader in the global tech sector. This report reveals what the Black Tech Ecosystem Framework found in Chicago's BTE, highlighting its assets as well as its opportunities for transformation and growth.


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Black Tech Ecosystems: A proposed framework for defining, assessing and developing Black tech ecosystems   

February 2017

This was the first in a series of original research projects we are pursuing to assess and develop Black tech ecosystems. By identifying the elements that make BTEs thrive while measuring how cities around the world compare, we are championing tech empowerment and expanding opportunity. The report is the product of a research collaboration between Black Tech Mecca leaders and staff, the State of the Black Tech Ecosystem (SBTE) advisory board, and the research team at the Nathalie P. Voorhees Center for Neighborhood and Community Improvement at the University of Illinois at Chicago.





You value what you measure

Over the past several months, Black Tech Mecca has been working on comprehensive research reports that are intended to provide thought leadership on the current state and future trends of the Black Tech Diaspora in the areas of academia, corporate representation and entrepreneurial innovation. We sat down with a few of the key contributors of this research, so that they could tell us more about their journey.